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Get Paid for your Expertise in Writing Essays: JunglePage


“JunglePage will pay you competitively for your expertise in writing essays, book reports, college entrance essays, scholarship essays, and in offering proofreading services. Writers can make upwards of $750 or more per week”, Jungle Page recruitment page. There is an application process, and you must submit an example of your writing. There is no fee to join. This tends to be a seasonal business that coincides with the school year. April, May, and June seem to be the busiest months.


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5 Websites that pay you for your original content

The 5 websites provided below is not ranked least to best or best to least. They are all just as good as the others. Also, you must provide your ownlyrics, poetry, articles. Do not provide anything already written or posted to the web because your account will be deleted. With that being said, here are the 5 websites

Hubpages – Hubpages is a websites that pays you for your original content! This website is different than others because the community is larger than other website communities. Definitely a good way to make money from your content

Digital Journal – Are you someone who loves to give your opinion on Politics, Technology Current events etc? Then Digital Journal would be the place for you! Digital Journal pays you for your opinion on the latest updates. So if you are not into poetry and creative writing, this is definitely the site for you!

My lot– Discuss topics about anything and everything that is on your mind. Discuss video games, Money, Business, Computers and so much more on My Lot. People view your discussions and you get paid for it! If you receive comments about your discussions, more money in your pocket! You can even do “Tasks” that are submitted by people in need of writers to write 1-6 paragraph articles and they pay you up to 20 dollars per article!

Helium– Helium is another place where you can publish your content but with a twist. Helium gives you the option to write for others who are paying 5 dollars to 200 dollars per article (Freelance writing) but you have to have good content in order to sign-up to for the program. You do not have to sign up to the program but if you are trying to get your foot into freelance work,Helium is the place to do so.

Rate it all– Rate it all is a revenue sharing website where you write your review about several products and you get paid for doing so. You also rateothers work and receive more money for it so!

Here are 5 websites that pay you for your writings!! I will be sure to keep you all updated on more throughout the week so stay updated with DIPC Reviews!

Website: Gather (Get paid for your content)

Brief about Gather:


On Gather, it’s not about who you know or people from your past; it’s about connecting with new people who share your interests and experiences!!! What are you into: music, cooking, writing, politics? Just hop into a conversation that interests you and you’ll meet some great people.


Express yourself on Gather. Share your thoughts, recipes, opinions, photos, video, art, and more. You can join one of Gather’s thousands of fun and interesting groups or create one of your own.


When you spend time enjoying the community, Gather rewards you with Gather Points™. You can cash them in for gift cards at places like Starbucks, Target, and — or even for cash through PayPal!! How amazing is that!

Why should you join?

Well you should join because you are receiving “Gather Points” for communicating with others on this site. You have the option to receive your gift card form Target, Starbucks, or, you could receive your “Gather Points” through Paypal!!

If you are interested in learning more about this website or would like to Sign-Up

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Website: Bukisa (Get paid to share your Knowledge!)

Brief about Bukisa:

“The BUKISA vision is to maximize knowledge sharing experiences and to introduce contributors to a better and more fun-filled way to share their knowledge online.

One of the important aspects of the BUKISA vision is that it has taken steps to reward those who contribute their knowledge with monetary value.

Everyone has the ability to contribute knowledge.  Some can write, while others are more technically gifted. Others can contribute to the BUKISA community in other ways, whether it’s by providing videos, podcasts or PowerPoint slides. There are many ways to contribute your knowledge with BUKISA.

BUKISA offers informative and credible information that brings Internet content to a whole new level.

BUKISA is based on the premise that everyone has some sort of valuable knowledge to share with the Internet community.

Anyone who joins the BUKISA community and shares their knowledge is entitled to their share of the profits.

In summary, gives its members a unique opportunity:

  1. To share knowledge and get paid for providing quality content.
  2. To build your own online network of friends that can make themselves and you money without having to buy or sell anything to anyone.
  3. Gives you or your company, not just fantastic exposure on the web, but actually helps you build your brand into an online presence with linking.”

Why should you join?

You should join because you are giving advice to others! There is nothing like helping someone out and receiving money for doing so. You have an option to upload Podcasts, PowerPoint slides and videos. You do not even need to write! Also the categories vary. Write about Culture and Society, make a video about Automotives. Make a slideshow about your travel to Dublin and get paid for sharing your knowledge!


Make sure that you comment on others content so your work will be viewed in return. Also, try and make friends. You do not necessarily need a lot of people to make money off of BUKISA. Most of all stay positive.


No negatives about this website! This is the reason why you should stay updated with DIPC Reviews!


I would recommend this website to people who are original and good at sharing knowledge.


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Website: Redgage (Get paid for your content)

Brief about Redgage:

Redgage is a one of a kind website. Redgage actually pays you for your original content that you post on their site! Not only do you get paid for your creative work, you also get paid bonuses if your content reaches a certain amount of views! Redgage has also been talked about on Fox news! This is a win-win website. If you have content that you already have published on different websites, you can place your published work on this site for more viewers to view and for more money in your pocket. There are very few website out there that allows you to post published work onto their site so take advantage of the opportunity!

Why should I join?

1)      Well you should join because this website is paying you for your content and your already published work

2)      You are able to post videos, pictures, poetry, lyrics, articles all in one place

3)      You are not making little sums of money off of Redgage, you are making very decent money with this site and you do not have to share your money with Redgage.


There are no negatives about this website. This is one of the best sites out as of now


Make sure that you comment on others content so your work will be viewed in return. Also, try and make friends. You do not necessarily need a lot of people to make money off of Redgage. Stay positive and give some criticism. Do not always comment on someone’s work negatively.


I would absolutely recommend this site to anyone trying to make some extra bucks by posting original content.

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